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Based on $300,000 Loan Amount & 740+ Credit Score

As of 9/22/2020RateAPRPointsMonthly Payment
30 year fixed2.875%2.92674%0%$1,244.68
20 year fixed2.750%2.82316%0%$1,626.50
15 year fixed2.500%2.59439%0%$2,000.37

Note: Mortgage rates valid as of specified date. Subject to pricing add-ons based on loan type, loan amount, LTV, FICO score and other conditions. Information purpose only and subject to change without notice. 0% points refers to zero loan origination fees.

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California Dream Homes is a Nationally Licensed Brokerage Firm (NMLS ID # 1905855) regulated by The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) & The California Department of Business Oversight (CA-DBO). Verify with NMLS Consumer Access

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As an on-line mortgage service provider, we offer a streamlined, cost effective and timely loan process.

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We offer a variety of flexible programs of which one will suit your best interest. Compare not just the interest rates, but also all origination charges (loan points, processing & underwriting fees).


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For $1,000,000 property & 80% Loan

1% Loan Fee* = $8,000 with others brokers

No Loan Point = $0 with California Dream Homes

Total Savings* = $8,000

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Note *: Estimated based on general fee structure. Actual will vary by different broker/bank.

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